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At the Canine Fitness Centre, your dogs will enjoy the benefits of our 3 Aqua-Treadmills. A program which includes the use of the Aqua-Treadmills , will increase the fitness and stamina of your dog as well as strengthening those injured and post-surgery muscles.

The Canine Fitness Centre's Aqua-Treadmill offers:

  • Easy access to exercise chamber (particularly useful for animals with difficulty walking)
  • Clear doors and windows for excellent viewing
  • Automatically heated, ozone sanitised and filtered water
  • Regulated water height to accommodate different dog sizes and adjust harness for different degrees of weight bearing.
  • Adjustable treadmill speed with digital display for speed, time and distance

Dog Hydrotherapy: Aqua-Treadmill Dog Hydrotherapy: Aqua-Treadmill

Dog Hydrotherapy: Aqua-Treadmill


HEAT: increases circulation, promotes healing, helps relax tense muscles and relieves the stress of motion.

HYDROSTATIC (WATER) PRESSURE: reduces swelling of joints and also helps prevent or reduce post exercise pain.

BOUYANCY: supports the body weight, minimising stress on any weight-bearing joints. It also provide stability for dogs with weakness and/or poor balance and co-ordination.

RESISTANCE: promotes maximum muscle movement and range of motion with minimum pain. The increased workout, increases heart rate and oxygen consumption.

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