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Why Dog Hydrotherapy?

"Exercise to enhance Canine Fitness as well as Physical Rehabilitation for Post Surgery Recovery"

Dog Hydrotherapy: Pool Therapy Dog Hydrotherapy: Underwater Treadmill

Dog Hydrotherapy encourages muscle contraction and joint movement with limited weight bearing. This is especially useful in senior and arthritic dogs, those recovering from surgery, those needing to loose weight but is just as beneficial for fit dogs. We uses two methods:

  • Underwater treadmills allow active use of muscles and enhanced cardiovascular fitness while taking advantage of the buoyancy of water to reduce weight bearing stresses. Dogs in rehabilitation exercise in higher water levels, which are reduced as fitness returns and the dog takes on more weight bearing exercises.

  • Pool Therapy gently exercises every muscle of the dog’s body helping them to rebuild and/or maintain cardiovascular fitness.Small dogs swim in the pool but do their running/walking in the treadmill. Exercising in water allows early active motion in the post operative period.

Our Personalised Exercise Programs cater for:

  1. Basic Fitness:
    • Pool or Treadmill based exercise build dogs fitness to aid in injury prevention.
    • Daily walking adds interest to your dog’s life but does not necessarily provide all the exercise they
  2. Weight Management:
    • Zero impact exercise to assist with weight control
    • Avoiding the damage land based exercise may cause.
  3. Aquatic therapy:
    • Maintain mobility, fitness levels and body weight for Senior/Arthritic dogs.
  4. Physical Rehabilitation:
    • Develop muscular fitness prior to surgery to aid a more speedy recovery.
    • Rebuild and strengthen muscles post-surgery and injury.

    Physical Rehabilitation is rapidly gaining acceptance as part of the treatment program for many conditions. Animals with neurological or orthopaedic conditions may have limited ability to perform normal activities. Pain, discomfort and decreased quality of life often accompany these injuries. As animals reduce their activity level a vicious cycle of decreased flexibility and muscle atrophy occurs. Physical rehabilitation may prevent these conditions and improve functional outcomes.


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